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  • Singleton UMC Thought of the Week & Scripture September 19, 2021

    Posted on September 14, 2021 by in General, Scripture, Services, Uncategorized

    Thought for the Week:

    O holy and merciful God, we confess we have not always taken upon ourselves the yoke of obedience, nor been willing to seek and to do your perfect will. We have not loved you will all our hearts and mind and soul and strength, neither have we loved our neighbor as ourselves. You have called to us in the need of our sisters and brothers, and we have passed unheeding on our way. In the pride of our hearts, and our unwillingness to repent, we have turned away from the cross of Christ, and have grieved your Holy Spirit.

    (Wesleyan Methodist Conference, England, 20th Cent. Alt.)

    This week’s Scripture: Mark 9:30-37 “Being a Servant”

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