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  • Singleton UMC Follow Up on Baby Tate’s Health

    Posted on March 3, 2019 by in General, News
    From Donna:
    He had a good night.  He got his pik line instead of the IV.  They are staying with the current chest tube because it’s working.  He still has interstitial emphysema which is causing air to leak out of his lung but it’s not pooling around the lungs so going to stay with this chest tube.  Hopefully the lung will heal which the doctor thinks it will.  If it doesn’t then it will be because of some rare rare disease.  He said if that’s the case we will cross that bridge when we get there but as of right now he doesn’t think that’s an issue.  His stats are remaining at good levels, isn’t requiring a lot of oxygen and his gasses test is coming back with really good levels too.  His pneumothorax is looking better on the xrays.  He has less air coming out of it.
    Keep Praying!!!!!!!

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