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"We Are Workers Together With Christ"

Willing Workers

“We Are Workers Together With Christ”

President, Ruby Jane Kurtz, Vice President, Linda Looman, Secretary, Julie Stone, Treasurer, Margaret Horsley

The Willing Workers are a women’s group formed within the church primarily organized to conduct fundraising and mission support projects. Various fundraising projects are conducted throughout the year and may involve the sale of different articles such as cutlery, church cookbook or pecans. They also are responsible for organizing and setting up for our fifth Sunday cover dish luncheons and for special gatherings after funerals and new member welcomes. They are also very involved in church and parsonage maintenance efforts.

The Friendship Basket has long been a tradition for the Willing Workers. This is a fundraiser project for the group. The person who receives the basket signs a record book, puts a donation in a small bank can and adds some special goodies for the person to whom they are giving the basket. It is a fun way to honor someone who has been special in your life. The basket is kept moving so many people can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful show of friendship.

The Willing Workers, come join us on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30 P.M. We have a great time and always finish with delicious desserts!!!!

With Willing Hearts,

Ruby Jane Kurtz, President