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"We Are Workers Together With Christ"

Our Vision

Singleton Vision Statement

“The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Local Churches provide the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs.” The Discipline, Paragraph 120

“We envision churches where all God’s people are welcomed at table, nurtured, and transformed to be Christ to others in the World.” — Virginia Conference Vision Statement

We recognize the need to present the Gospel in our worship and Sunday school and we will continue to emphasize God’s desire for us to have a personal relationship with Christ.

2. How will you make disciples by welcoming new people to Christ through the church? (List goals related to the areas of hospitality and evangelism.)

We see our church continuing to seek God’s guidance through prayer, bible study worship and Sunday school, empowering our members for service to Christ. We plan to continue our van ministry, which provides transportation to many community children and youth.

  1. Educate and participate as a congregation in All Things New, as to strengthen the ministries of Singleton UMC in radical evangelism and hospitality.
  2. Increased worship and Sunday school attendance by 20%.
  3. Use our publicity communications coordinators to increase visibility in our community in local media, such as radio and weekly newspaper.
  4. Invite all families to become active in the life of the church as professing members and leadership.
  5. Increased pastoral and congregational visitation to guests; follow-up by inviting them to participate in the life of the church within a week. (Pew Cards)
  6. Entertain and feed them by welcoming neighbors to community functions.
  7. Updated listings/ads in phonebooks, newspapers, publications and up-to-date website.


3. How will you make disciples by nurturing persons in their faith? (List goals related to the areas of education, worship, Christian formation, membership care, small groups, and stewardship.)

We will continue to offer opportunities of service through our UMYF, UMW, UMM, Willing Workers and various committees within our church. These groups provide ministry within the church membership and to the community at large.


  1. Invite and increase participation in Sunday school (especially children and youth) and encourage more people to be part of our weekly Bible Study small group.
  2. Continued weekly outreach and visitation by the pastor and the Membership Nature and Care committee that maintain a current list and visit shut-ins, hospitalized and in the nursing home.
  3. Use monthly newsletters to keep families connected to church and informed of its activities.
  4. Provide care packages to college students.
  5. Lead Confirmation Classes in the spring of 2009, with membership/baptism rites on Pentecost.
  6. Invite youth and children to become involved in UMYF and children-related programs, continued invitation to participation in worship, beyond the children message.
  7. Follow-up with persons who have missed more than two weeks.
  8. Update our current phone tree, church directory and email list for prayer and announcement of events for communication of the above, including deaths and hospitalizations.
  9. Invite all to attendance in fellowship functions, quarterly family dinners, breakfasts.


4. How will transformed disciples be Christ to others in the world? (List goals related to the local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice and advocacy.)

We are fortunate to be part of a connectional church where our combined resources can accomplish great things around the world. We have begun three building programs as part of our goal to expand our kitchen and classroom facilities to better accommodate our members and our larger community. We have begun building a large picnic pavilion for community. We have also begun to expand our outdoor activities area for the children as well. We are thankful for the foundation laid for us and we are thankful for the vision to build upon that foundation for future disciples.


  1. Continue to support local and international missions by our active UMW, UMM, UMYF and Willing Workers ministries, such as support for our adopted family, A Day for Jarrod, Annual Blood Drive, Fire and Rescue, Haiti Medical Student, etc.
  2. Pay our 100% UMC Apportionments, to support the global ministry of the church
  3. Continue to support of local families by the use our Discretionary Benevolent Fund.
  4. Sponsor a Vacation Bible School for church and community children
  5. Invite the community to participate and attend our annual community breakfasts, fall harvest, thanksgiving breakfast, easter egg hunt, Christmas childrens musical.
  6. Work with local churches and ecumenical groups in missions in the community.