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"We Are Workers Together With Christ"

Join Singleton

An Invitation to Join

Why Join the Church?

The church is not a building or a club, but our human response to God’s love. The church is people who are seeking and have experienced God’s love for them:

  • Who believe that God’s love is decisively revealed in Jesus Christ;
  • Who trust God’s love as that which gives their lives meaning;
  • Who have committed themselves to live and share this love as disciples (followers) of Christ.

All persons willing to share in this common spiritual journey are part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ, regardless of who they are or what they have done. Together we share our questions, doubts, tears, fears, joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures, in a common journey of faith.

United Methodist Church Membership

  •  If you have never been a member of any church, you or your child can begin your faith journey formally through baptism, and become a member of Singleton UMC by a “Profession of Faith.”
  •  If you have been an active member at another Methodist Church or a church of another denomination, but wish to continue your faith journey at Singleton UMC, you can join by a “Transfer of Membership.”
  •  If you have professed your faith and been a member of another church of any denomination, but have not been active for a while, you can become a member of Singleton UMC by a “Re-Affirmation of Faith.”
  •  If you wish to retain your membership in another United Methodist church, but also join Singleton UMC, you can join as an “Affiliate Member.
  •  If you wish to retain your membership in a church of another denomination, you can join as an Associate Member. (Students who belong to a church in their home town are invited to take advantage of the Affiliate or Associate options.)

Confirmation in The United Methodist Church is a time of intentional preparation, leading to the first public profession of faith. During this time persons “make firm” what has gone before: God’s prevenient grace, baptism, the teaching and witness of parents and other persons of faith, the teachings and life together in the church, the student’s own growing faith. Youth are invited to claim for themselves the name Christian and the name United Methodist. Confirmation is a significant step in the journey of faith. Unlike baptism, which is a sacrament, confirmation is a repeatable rite in The United Methodist Church. Standing before the congregation to profess one’s faith as part of a confirmation ceremony is not limited to only one special time.

We ask that you and your family would prayerfully consider this opportunity to deepen your faith walk with God, and strengthen your relationship with Christ, as we go onto perfection in Christian love together. We wish you well and pray that you and your youth will continue to be nurtured, discipled and loved by our church family and our community of faith. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at the parsonage at (804) 693-3811. May God bless you always,  Pastor Calvin