5869 Ware Neck Rd.
Gloucester, VA 23061
Office 804-693-9442
Parsonage 804-693-3811
"We Are Workers Together With Christ"

Brief History

oldchurchOn October 17, 1844 a committee was appointed by the Fourth Quarterly Conference held at Bellamy Methodist Church to “take the disciplinary steps necessary for the erection of a house of worship” in the Ware Neck area called Schley, Virginia.

The first structure for worship was a small log chapel with log pews situated near our current site. This was named Singleton Chapel, after Mr. Richard Singleton gave the property on which Singleton now stands. Sometime later, another house of worship was erected where the old log chapel had stood. This was described as a “plain building with two front doors and no steeple or vestibule.” On July 14, 1875, the cornerstone for the present building was laid and some time later a steeple and vestibule were added and the doors changed.

In 1933, the Memorial Methodist Church, Gloucester Charge that was built in 1893 (and closed in 1928) was given to Singleton Church. This structure was taken down and the materials used to construct a church school annex “for the growing congregation at Singleton.” In 1949 work was completed on the church annex, which completely separated the annex into six classrooms.

In 1954, the sanctuary was completely remodeled with stained glass windows, a memorial window above the pulpit, and a new chancel rail.

In 1957 changes in “charge and boundary lines” created a new Mt. Zion-Singleton Charge and in 1962 the members (42 at Mt. Zion and 105 at Singleton) built the parsonage in Ware Neck. It was furnished and paid for in 1968.

In 1971 our Educational Building was begun and completed in 1972. In 1974, 9.91 acres adjoining the church property were purchased for cemetery expansion and a recreational area.

On October 19, 1975, Singleton held a special 100th anniversary celebration and opened the 1875 cornerstone. Only 4 coins survived while all other contents of the metal box had disintegrated. These coins were added to other mementos of the day and placed in a glass tube sealed within a copper box that was also sealed. On November 2, 1975 the cornerstone was reset with the hope it will be reopened in the year 2075

Since 1975 many memorial gifts and other donations have been added to the church. Appreciated items include a brass cross to the Educational Building, a library, a baptismal font, brass communion bread plate and chalice, pew Bibles, hymnals, wall sconces with glass globes, pianos, pew racks, electric chandeliers, a sound system, flower vases for the alter table and communion cloth. Outside improvements include painting, landscaping, paving the parking lot, extending the front steps and ramp, providing playground equipment for the youth and cemetery expansion. Chimes were added in 1965.

On June 1, 1980, Singleton became a stationed church, meaning for the first time in the 136 year history of Singleton we would retain a full-time minister. At that time we welcomed Rev. Ralph Goodman serving his first appointment. We bought Mt. Zion’s share of the parsonage and promised as a church to accept the spiritual and fiscal responsibilities associated with being a stationed church. Another recent distinction occurred on November 16, 1992, when a bishop, Thomas B. Stockton, spoke at the morning worship service.

We have been unable to find early membership records. However, today, we have a total membership of 162 with 42 on the preparatory rolls.

Descendants of the Singleton family are buried on the west side of the present chapel. In the cemetery you will find graves of veterans from the Civil War through the World War II. There are many gravestones and monuments with many interesting epitaphs.